The Gedoushu are malevolent spirits who arise as the result of sin-tainted souls that enter into the Sanzu River (三途の川, Sanzu-no-kawa?) within the land of the dead, dependent on its waters for survival, as well as cursed to be in a state between life and death until they are able to let go of the attachment that damned them in the first place. The Gedoushu under Doukoku reside in Rokumon Junk (六門船, Rokumonsen?) that sails along the Sanzu River: others spend their time within the River itself until Doukoku or some other powerful being calls them. Able to enter the living world through cracks and narrow gaps, the Gedoushu, particularly those serving Doukoku set up a plan to terrorize humans in anyway possible so that the river overflows to point of flooding into the mortal realm in order for them to invade in full fury. The Gedoushu can also become powerful during the time of Bon Festival. Though defeated and sealed by the previous generation's Shinkengers, the Gedoushu reawaken in present time to resume their havoc, only to face the Shinkengers. In the world of Shinkenger, the Gedoushu are the inspiration of all the yōkai in Japanese mythology.

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The Susukodama (ススコダマ, Susukodama?, "Soot Kodama") are a furred ball-like soot settling in roof of the Rokumon Junk's interior, appearing whenver Doukoku's infuriated enough for them to descend, annoyingly repeating people's words while giggling. One accompanies Dayu in her wandering after it is tossed out of the Rokumon Junk and into the mortal realm, singing in imitation of her shamisen.


Kirigami (切神, Kirigami?, 27, 34, 39) are monsters created by Akumaro from real kirigami he makes by using his claws to cut paper in the shape of a monster. Both Kirigami he created were giant-sized and so far it's not known if he can create human-sized kirigami or only giant-sized. The Kirigami are armed with scissor-shaped swords. The first was destroyed by DaiGoyou, the second by a combination of Shinkenoh, Daikaioh Minami and Mogyu-Daioh, and the third by Samuraihaoh.