Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (星獣戦隊ギンガマン, Seijū Sentai Gingaman?), translated into English as Starbeast Squadron Gingaman,[2] is TOEI Company Limited's twenty-second production of the Super Sentai television series. Its footage has been used in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

It is the first Super Sentai series that bore the "-man" suffix since Choujin Sentai Jetman since the writers wanted the series to have a retro feel.[citation needed]

This series is not to be confused with the one-time villainous but humorous Sentai from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, the Ginga Sentai Gingaman.

Every episode of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman begins with the statement: "The Starbeasts: They are mysterious animals that fight for the peace of the Galaxy!"


Three thousand years ago, the Space Pirates Barban invaded Earth. The Starbeasts and the first Gingaman, warriors of the Ginga forest, fought them with the mystical power called Earth and eventually were able to imprison them. The Ginga people later cloaked their forest within marked boundaries and passed on the duty of Ginga warriors through generations.

Hyuuga, Hayate, Gouki, Hikaru and Saya are chosen as the 133rd warriors of the Star Beast Swords. Ryouma is very happy that his elder brother Hyuuga succeeds to the honorable title. When Elder Ohghi holds the succession ceremony of Star Beast Swords, an earthquake breaks the seal of Barban.

Ohghi orders the 133rd warriors to get the GingaBraces hidden in Roaring Mountain. However, the Barban attacks them to prevent the birth of the new Gingamen. During the battle, Hyuuga got swallowed into a crack in the ground which Captain Zahab of the Barban created. Enraged, Ryouma activates his hidden Earth power and awaken the Ginga Braces. The Gingaman fights together with the Starbeasts against the Barban, who desire to revive the Demon Beast, Daitanix, on whose 'corpse' they built their castle.




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