Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger (忍風戦隊ハリケンジャー, Ninpū Sentai Harikenjā?), translated into English as Stealthy Wind Squadron Hurricaneger, is Toei Company Limited's twenty-sixth production of the Super Sentai television series. Its footage was used in the American series Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.


In the Hayate Way's Ninja Academy, three of its pupils aren't exactly fitting in. But because their sensei believes they have potential, he regularly spends the morning personally rigorously training them. While the other students are having their graduation ceremony, a group of evil space ninja known as the Jakanja infiltrate the school, killing most of the students. The school's sensei, Mugensai, turns himself into a hamster to evade his pursuers. The trio is then taken to a secret base to become the legendary Hurricanegers to fight Jakanja. Later in the series, they must fight with the two ninja brothers of the Ikazuchi Way's Ninja Academy due to their individual schools' rivalries. With the aid of the mysterious Shurikenger, the two ninja groups set their rivalry aside and join forces to stop Jakanja.




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